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Vehicle data

Make: Jaguar
Model: XJS 4.0 Convertible
Year of manufacture: 1994
Body type: Convertible
Cylinders: 6
Capacity in cc: 3,980
Power in HP/KW: 222 / 163
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Market analysis

Good condition (from - to) Info 82a58732019f6daa0e5ccbe9a848fb4de9d92ca7c28a0a05b5d4fd7ed8d257f0

€ 21,200-€ 28,600

Fair condition (from - to) Info 82a58732019f6daa0e5ccbe9a848fb4de9d92ca7c28a0a05b5d4fd7ed8d257f0

€ 5,800 - € 7,800

Do you want to know more? (Values for condition ratings 1 to 5)

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