classic-analytics service packages

Whether you're a newcomer or a classic car expert, we have the right package for everyone.

At classic-analytics, you don't pay an annual membership fee. Instead, you receive customized service packages tailored to your volume of orders in the field of collector vehicles.

Service package M (EUR 490.00 per year)

  • 12 Professional Checks per year (value: EUR 540.00)
  • Each additional query: EUR 45.00*
  • Listing as an official classic-analytics appraisal partner (online/print)
  • Notification of partnership to insurance companies
  • Use of the classic-analytics logo
  • Membership certificate
  • Hotline service
  • 12 valuation folders**
  • classic-analytics appraisal partner advertising sign (value of EUR 36.00)**
  • 100 promotional flyers with stamp field for your address**
  • Priority access to classic car seminars

Service package L (EUR 1,450.00 per year)

Same as Service Package M, but includes:
  • 40 Professional Checks per year (value: EUR 1,800.00)
  • Each additional query: EUR 45.00*
  • Unlimited (required) number of valuation folders
  • 500 business cards**
  • 300 promotional flyers with stamp field for your address**
  • 50 giveaway tags
  • 2 sample appraisals
  • Priority access plus 10% discount on classic car seminars
  • Advertisement banner on the homepage of the classic-analytics website

* Higher costs only for special research
If a value research is expected to require increased time and cost, you will receive a message from us immediately after receiving your order, in which we will provide you with the additional costs.

** One-time offer for new customers
All prices are subject to VAT (where applicable)

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