Your advantages as a classic-analytics valuation Partner

Current market values for all collector vehicles – reliable, fast, and affordable

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Register now as classic-analytics valuation partner and make your first appraisal directly.

Recently researched market values
Researching reliable market values for enthusiast vehicles is time-consuming and costly. We handle this work for you and perform an identity check using the vehicle identification number.

Recognized by all classic car insurances
From A like AXA to Z like Zurich, classic-analytics valuations are accepted by all classic car insurers.

All types of vehicles available (classic cars, youngtimers, motorcycles, exotics, etc.)
Whether it's an MGB, Ford Model T or a Lamborghini Reventon, classic-analytics takes care of all vehicles where the usual depreciation lists fail. This includes customized vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and also simple second-hand cars older than 13 years.

Free membership, no basic fee
At classic-analytics, you don't pay an annual basic fee. Instead, you receive individual service packages tailored to your order volume.

Easy data entry directly via the Internet
You can quickly and easily enter all vehicle data into the query form on our website. Factory technical data are automatically filled in but can be edited by you at any time – including value-influencing factors and other notes. Of course you can also upload vehicle photos!

Quick processing - result on the same working day
Even classic car clients are impatient. Between order receipt and result dispatch, only a few hours pass for us. Values that require extensive research can be determined within 24 hours due to our extensive databases and dense information network. You receive the result as a filled-out PDF document; all you need to do is print, sign..., done.

Phone hotline with competent experts
Whether you have questions about online queries, originality, or a vehicle's technical features, our hotline +49 234 8901600 is available to you anytime. We don't keep you waiting in loops; you receive clear answers from experts and market analysts.

No price restrictions for your appraisals
Whether it's a short or a comprehensive appraisal you alone determine the price and scope. We see ourselves as a pure service provider who supports you with data and information but doesn't dictate in this regard. You remain flexible and can adjust your pricing structure to local conditions and your customer base at any time. If desired, we're happy to provide you with a list of price recommendations that have established themselves in practice.

Listing in the classic-analytics valuation partner directory
As a classic-analytics valuation partner, we list you in the expert directory on our homepage – easy for potential customers to find through a postal code search. All classic car insurers and their branches also receive this list on a regular basis.

Regular certified seminars and training sessions
Do you want to expand your knowledge about classic cars? Do you want to refresh your skills? No problem; we regularly offer seminars and training sessions (online and in-person) conducted in collaboration with competent experts throughout Germany.

Free Update-Service for your customers
Underinsurance was yesterday; today it's the Update-Service. Upon request, your customers are automatically notified by us via email as soon as the vehicle's value increases. Naturally, your office is mentioned as the contact person. A friendly form of customer retention.


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