Update-Service (your warning system against underinsurance)

Automatic and free notification when your car value increases

No more outdated appraisals, no more underinsurance. With classic-analytics you automatically stay informed about classic car prices.

Exclusively at classic-analytics
  • Automatic and free email notification once the value of your vehicle has increased by more than 10 percent
  • Permanent comparison with our internal classic-analytics price database
  • Optional for appraisals (Professional-Check), included with Home-Check
  • No newsletter, no advertising

Your advantages
  • Always up-to-date
  • Own price researches become obsolete
  • No risk of underinsurance
  • Cost savings: new valuations only when they are actually necessary due to an increase in value

Start Update-Service for Professional-Check

As an insurance customer you are responsible for
the protection against underinsurance
Why is the classic-analytics Update-Service so important?

Because no one reminds you of what your classic car is currently worth. Except us!

Classic car values rise unnoticed but steadily and sometimes very erratic.
Appraisals can therefore be outdated in a short period of time.

However, as an insurance customer it is solely you who is responsible for the constant updating of your insurance value. What is stated in the appraisal is what you get, even if this value is no longer up-to-date. If a claim occurs now, you will receive less money than your vehicle is currently worth (so-called creeping underinsurance)

The classic-analytics Update-Service notifies you when underinsuranceis around the corner.

Free of charge, automatically and non-binding.

How does the Update-Service work?
  • You register the appraisal number of your Professional-Check on our website (or scan the QR code). If you are a Home-Check customer you are already automatically registered
  • The value of your vehicle type is saved by classic-analytics and then permanently compared with the values from our internal price database.
  • If the market value of your model in condition rating 2 increases by more than 10 percent (Limit of the so-called provision insurance Info 82a58732019f6daa0e5ccbe9a848fb4de9d92ca7c28a0a05b5d4fd7ed8d257f0 ) or by more than EUR 2,500, you will automatically receive a notification by email.

You can then notify your insurance company about the increase in value and ask for an adjustment of the agreed value. Or you can have the condition and value of your classic car documented by a Professional-Check (short appraisal) or Home-Check (online self-valuation).

Any questions?

  • Is the Update-Service a newsletter?
    No. You will not receive an email from us until the value of your vehicle has increased. This can be in 2 weeks, 2 months or maybe in 2 years.
  • Am I obliged by the Update-Service to have a new appraisal created?
    No. It is up to you whether and how you react to the increase in value.
  • What data are stored?
    Brand and model of your vehicle and your email address. That is all we need to compare vehicle values. Nothing else.
  • My classic car insurance contains a provision Info 82a58732019f6daa0e5ccbe9a848fb4de9d92ca7c28a0a05b5d4fd7ed8d257f0 for value increases. Is the Update-Service still useful?
    Yes. Most insurances contain a maximum of 10 percent increase in value, but the average annual increase in value of a classic car is already 5 to 7 percent. The limit to underinsurance is therefore usually exceeded after 2 years.
  • Do others offer this Update-Service?
    No, the Update-Service for classic car prices is only available from classic-analytics.

Still questions? Call our hotline +49 234 8901600


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